video sources for bagua, chen taiji and xingyi


About different systems of baguazhang (in Chinese)

1993 demonstration in Beijing for the international baguazhang friendship association. Luo Jinhua at 12:50.

A documentary on different styles of baguazhang.

Bagua sabre.

Wikipedia Cheng style

Cheng competition style (Su Zifang) v=2cbFKKghJno&index=2&list=PL020AD60FFDBEC4B5

Cheng style (Sun Zhijun)

Cheng style sabre (Sun Zhijun, 1984)

Cheng style spear (Sun Zhijun, 1984)

Cheng style demos

Cheng sabre (Sun Zhijun)

Cheng style in park.

Fan bagua.

Fu style bagua. Victor Fu.

Wikipedia Jiang style

Jiang/Sha? I think this is the 'new' eight palms, it looks familiar (Xia Bohua)

Jiang style (Luo Jinhua video)

Jiang style (Sun Ruoheng video, 9 years old)

Jiang style, some of the old eight palm changes.

Wikipedia Liang style

Interview with Zhao Dayuan, Liang style (not video).

Liang style demo 1, Liang style demo 2 from 1984 ceremony for Li Ziming. A sabre form from this demo.

Liang style jibengong (Di Guoyong)

Liang style concepts (Tom Bisio)

Liang style tangnibu (Di Guoyong)

Liang style eight dingshi (Di Guoyong)

Liang style fancy eight palm changes.

Liang style eight palm changes. Wang Jianguo.

Liang style sabre (Di Guoyong)

Liang style sword (Wang Tong).

Liang style double headed spear. (Li Shiquan)

Wikipediea Ma Gui style

MaGui style intro (Li Baohua)

MaGui style tendon changing (Li Baohua)

Ma Gui style promotional video (Li Baohua)

MaGui style webinars (Li Baohua)

Shi style (Di Zhaolong)

Shi style weapons (Di Zhaolong)

Yin style

Yin style (Zhu Baozhen, 2007)

Chen's Taijiquan

1981 Chenjiagou demos

Chen Zhenglei demo

18 move form (Chen Zhenglei)

laojia yilu (Chen Zhenglei)

laojia erlu (Chen Zhenglei)

Kungfu Quest: Taijiquan.

Xiaojia taijiquan.


Various routines (Di Guoyong)

Che lineage xingyi demos in village.

Partner routine.

Zhang Baoyang at 87 years old.

Five elements  (Di Guoyong)

Bashiquan  (Di Guoyong)

Twelve animals  (Di Guoyong)

Straight sword (Di Guoyong)

Shang style five elements (Li Wenjun)

Kungfu Quest: Xingyi.

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