Wushu Sites in China

Bagua Lessons
He Jinghan's website. He is a student of Gong Baozhai, who was a student of Gong Baotian.
Bridges to China
Organizes wushu and language courses in Beijing.
China from Inside
Otherwise known as "Jerek's site". Lots of high level online translations. Interviews. Books and videos for sale direct from China. (Shanghai)
China Taijiquan
Lots of links in Chinese and English.
Chinese wushu online
"Offer the informations for free to Chinese Wushu amateurs about the Chinese Wushu festival organized in China, Chinese wushu training, Chinese Wushu vacation, chinese wushu materials."
Di Guoyong Wushu
Website in English, run by Byron Jacobs for Di Guoyong, to spread xingyi and Liang style bagua.
Di Guoyong's website
Information about Di Guoyong and his videos, in Chinese.
HongKong TaiChi Association
International Wushu Federation
In charge of international competition and organizational needs. In Chinese. (Beijing)
Journal of Chinese Martial Studies
A new journal (summer 2009) on Chinese martial arts. The first issue is available as a free download. Looks interesting.
Li Xian ChuojiaoFanzi Association
Li Xian is the hometown of chuojiao, and everyone in town does it. In Chinese. (Hebei province)
Liu Jingru's website
Information about Liu Jingru and classes, in English.
Petters EducAsian
Helps foreigners come to China to learn, among other things, wushu. Site in English (Beijing).
Shang Wu Zhai
Shang Wu Zhai website for club in Tianjin. Xingyi, Baji, PIgua, chuojiao and others. Head teacher Zhou Jingxuan.
Song Jiang Wushu School
A large residential school that takes foreigners. English pages (Shandong province).
Tai Chi Health
Taiji Xiaojia
Site dedicated to small frame Chen style. Photos and videos. In Chinese.
Waving Clouds
Organizes wushu events in China. (Hong Kong)
World Linked U
Helps foreigners come to China to learn, among other things, wushu. In English. (Beijing)
Wushu 2008
A forum about wushu in Chinese.
A site for xingyi players. In Chinese.
Yi Shixiong
Member of the Beijing wushu team 1990-2002, and graduate of the Beijing University of Physical Education. In English. (Beijing)
Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy
Many times national champion, Zhao Changjun's academy teaches foreigners and has boarding. (Xi'An, Shaanxi)

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