Wushu in Europe and Africa

Austrian Wushu Federation
In German? and English. (Austria)
Belfast Ma Gui Ba Gua
Colin Harper teaches weekly in Belfast. Andrea Falk teaches seminars twice a year.
Boxe Chinoise
Lists links. (France)
British Chen Style Tai Chi College
In Bury, near Manchester. (England)
What looks to be a taiji club, as far as I can tell. In Dutch. (Netherlands)
Chen Village
A site about training in Chen village, China. Run by Daniel Poon, who teaches in Nottingham. (England)
Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
Li Yueming teaches Chen Zhenglei's Chen style, and has made materials with CZL. He teaches in Manchester (England)
Chen Style Taijiquan Notepad
Lots of sources and links about Chen style. In English (Germany)
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
In German and English. (Germany)
Chen Wu Kuan
A martial arts club with many branches in England. (Chen as in trust, not the name) Raymond Smith is the head instructor. (England)
Chinese Internal Arts Association
Eva and Karol Koskuba teach Chen Xiaowang's Chen style, yiquan, and qigong in Reading. (England)
Croatian Taiji Center Helis
Nikolas Maricic-Wolf's school for wushu,taichi and sport and therapeutic qigong:
Derby Wushu
A wushu club in Derby that I keep meaning to visit when I'm in Nottingham. (England)
Die Pagode
A club run by Dietmar Stubenbaum, who teaches mostly Chen style and xingyi. This is the link to the English pages. (Germany)
Dragon Wushu
Jon Staple's club in Warrington. I like their training ethic. (England)
Dragon Culture
A school with many branch clubs, run by Li Yanlong and Lin Quiping. Lin Qiuping is a former member of the Fujian wushu team who specialised in the taijiquan event, and a graduate of the Beijing University of Physical Education. In German. (Germany)
Dreaming Dragon
A wushu and taiji club in London run by Zhao Junhui and Huang Ping. Both have formidable backgrounds. (England)
Dutch Taijiquan Organization
In Dutch. (Holland)
HD Wushu
David Torok and Xu Huihui in Italy.
Italy Emei Wushu Academy
A club that seems to have a number of styles going on. In Italian, with English pages. (Italy)
KV wushu
It has lots of news of what's going on in Europe, and some cool retro wushu photos if you can't read the Dutch. The club does both old and new style forms. In Dutch? (Belgium)
Lions of Cangzhou
A club with bagua, baji, mizong, pigua, tanlang and xingyi as taught by Guo Shishang (as far as I can tell, not understanding Belgian) Run by Pter Verbeke. (Belgium)
Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britian
Yang style taijiquan as taught by Li Tianji and then Li Deyin. Founded by Richard Watson. Clubs throughout the UK. (England)
Martial Arts Talk
A forum that encompasses many martial arts (England)
Retro Wushu
A site dedicated to the best of the best.
Saint Petersburg Wushu
Looks to be a pretty intense club. In Russian and English. (Russia)
Shaolin Wushu
A site mostly about training at the Shaolin temple. Has downloadable film clips. In German, English, French, and Russian. (Germany)
South African National Wushu Federation
South African Wushu Center
Tai Chi Caledonia
Site about an annual training camp. (Scotland)
Tai Chi Chuan Salud y Longevidad
Club in Madrid run by Manuel Joseph. In Spanish. (Spain)
A site with information about taiji, including videos. In German and English. (Germany)
Tai Chi Union of Great Britain
An organization for taiji players throughout the UK, based in Glasgow. I(Scotland)
Wang Haijun Chen Taiji Academy
Wang Haijun is Chen Zhenglei's student, and was featured in the CZL push hands videos. His club is in Manchester, and he travels to teach as well. (England)
Wu Dang Kungfu
A club in Rome. In Italian.(Italy)
Wushu Opzijnbest
Links to kungfu and wushu sites. (Netherlands)
Yan Huang Martial Arts College
Wen Lijun has a medical centre and teaches xingyi, bagua, taiji, shaolin in London. (England)
Wushu One Family
A very cool site with lots of video downloads, reports from training in China, news, movie info, etc. They also post a lot of really good videos to Youtube. (England)
Wushu Team Chemnitz
Wushu club run by Oliver Juhrs. In German. (Germany)
Wushu Federation of Odessa Region
A lovely enthusiastic site. In Russian and English.(Ukraine)
Wu Yuan
A wushu club in Munich run by Sun Jianuo, originally from Shanghai. He holds a 7th Duan ranking in the IWF System, and teaches internal styles as well. In German. (Germany)
Ziran Neigong Quan
Luigi Zanini's blog on bagua, yiquan, and qigong. In Italian, but with some English. (Italy)

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