Wushu clubs south of Canada

In alphabetical order, in the US, and down below, Mexico and South America.
Adam Hsu Kung Fu
(Cupertino CA)
Alfred's Massage
Alfred Westlake's site. Self care tips good for martial arts injuries. (Loveland. CO)
American Chinese Martial Arts Fed
Eight step mantis.
Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors
(New York, NY)
Beijing Baguazhang
Bryant Fong's wushu and bagua club. (Berkeley, CA)
Black Taoist
Yin style bagua. (New York, NY)
Cal Wushu
The wushu club at the University of California at Berkeley. (Berkeley, CA)
Camarillo Kung Fu and Lion Dance
Myjong Lawhorn kungfu, lion dance. (Camarillo, CA)
Championship Martial Arts Academy
Guo Jianhua's wushu club. (Chicago, IL)
Chen Tai Chi
A site by Paul Chou with some interesting online instruction. (Concord, CA)
Chi Flow
Gerald Sharp's club: taiji, xingyi, and bagua. (Pasedena, CA)
China's Living Treasures
The site of George Xu and Ye Xiaolong. (Mamaroneck, NY)
Chinese Arts
Website with information on Su Zifang's seminars.
Chinese Wushu and Tai-Chi Academy
Hong Yijiao from Zhejiang province. (Seattle WA)
Chinese Wushu Research Institute
Bow Sim Mark's site. I really admire this woman, a role model for all women in martial arts. (Boston, MA)
Chinese Wushu Research Institute
Nick Gracenin's club.
Classical Taichi
A site on Wu style taijiquan. (Penfield, NY)
Coiling Dragon Kung Fu
Coach Mark Lee (Gerrard, OH)
Damo Academy
Tang Weizhong's club (Pasedena, CA).
Debbie Leung
Debbie teaches Chinese health exercises and Shaolin kungfu. She also regularly hosts Su Zifang for bagua seminars. (Olympia WA)
Dragon Phoenix Wushu
Wushu club pf Ohio State University (Ohio).
Dynamic Wushu
The site and club of Kenny Perez, another one of the first generation wushu guys in North America. There is a great video of him squeezing himself into a pipe, incredible flexibility.
Embrace the Moon
A club that has Chen and other styles, run by Kim Ivy. (Seattle, WA)
Empty Flower
A site with tons of stuff on xingyiquan run by David Devere. It has a nice five element demo video, only one of many on the site. There is a big forum that moves around, which you can find from here.
Extreme Kungfu
A wushu club run by Anthony Marquez. (Evanston, IL)
Five Element Martial Arts
(San Diego, CA)
Furious G
A site with lots of little wushu video clips. Mostly American stuff, but some great video clips of Chinese athletes - some inspiring clips of training sessions. The wushu video clips actually come from wushu central. These videos are cool and some are even retro!
Gilman Studio
Teaches Yang taiji and qigong, and has online Yang taiji instruction (Port Townsend, WA)
Geun System
Michael Guen's take on Yin Fu style bagua. (Santa Rosa, CA)
Great River T'ai Chi
Barbara Davis' taiji group. (Minneapolis, MN)
Hsing I Martial Arts Institute
Xingyi, bagua and taiji. (La Mesa, CA)
Hsing Chen Internal Martial Arts
A site and club run by John Bracy, who teaches internal healing and martial arts. (Costa Mesa, CA )
Immortal Palm
A bagua site by Carl Dechiera. Cool pics of Fu Chensong (Cleveland, OH).
Jia Yo
A fun site for performance wushu, with lots of video downloads.
Jiang Haoquan
Has some annoying advertising, but is worth the look for the articles on bagua. (Monterey, CA)
Kung Fu 4 U
Ken Gollette's site. (Moline, IL)
Kungfu Points the Way
Valerie Lee is an acupuncturist and martial artist who teaches traditional styles. (San Francisco, CA)
Kung Fu Today
Nick Scrima's club site. He organizes many seminars, and invites Di Guoyong once or twice a year. (Dunedin, FL).
Martial Artistry
Dragon dancing and lion dancing as well as kung fu and wushu.(Albuquerque, NM)
Martial Arts and Fitness Centre
Run by Bill Adams, has Yang style taiji. (Elma, NY)
Martial Arts NY
Run by Jonah Ewell (NY)
Martial Info
Has lots of, uh, info.
Mona Lisa's Sword
A website mostly for women, which emphasises non-violence in martial arts.
Mantis Kungfu
Preying Mantis club of Andre Martin.
North American Chapter of the Beijing Chen Zhaokui Martial Arts Association
By Marin Spivack (San Francisco, CA).
A bagua club with Park Bok-Nam, does a style from Lu Zhui Tian (Richmond, VA).
Palms of Infinity
Bagua Research and Boxing Association run by B.C. Hill. Video clips and articles (in the USA).
Pennsylvania Chen Taiji Association
Frank Shiery. Cool photos and info, stories about masters. (PA)
A. Pittman
An interesting site, bagua and xingyi in Atlanta and North Virginia.
Raffi's Wushu Page
A standard for wushu sites, for fans. (Los Angeles, CA).
Renaissance Martial Arts
A club with specialists for each art, mostly Chinese styles (Rochester, NY).
A cool interactive site about Shaolin wushu, with a lot of fascinating and funny stories about training at the Shaolin temple. This site has enough pages and things going on to keep the most rabid cyber geek happy for a very long time. (Los Angeles, CA)
Seattle Taiji
The site set up for Madame Gao Fu, Chen style taiji. Madame Gao Fu has passsed away, but her students are continuing her teaching. (Seattle, WA)
Shaolin Wushu Center
Run by Hu Jianqiang and Zong Jianmei. How do these top people end up in these weird places? (South Windsor and Enfield, Connecticut)
The Silver Cloud School
Contact by email. (Berkeley, CA)
Stanford University Wushu Club
Zhang Hongmei, from the original Beijing Wushu team and Philip Wong from the U.S. team. They also teach at the Pacific Wushu Academy. (Berkeley, CA)
Taiji Works
The site of James Weston, mostly Chen style. (Clayton, NC)
Taichi Wushu Resource
Li Jing from the Beijing Wushu team. (Los Angeles CA)
Tony Wang
Tony Wang teaches traditional Chen style in the Bay area. (California)
Tuyet Tan Dojo of Cuong Nhu
(Berkeley, CA)
Tye's Kungfu
Shaolin kungfu. (Bryan, TX)
US Wushu Centre
Yu Shaowen from the Beijing Wushu team. (Portland, OR)
US Wushu Academy
Zhang Guifeng from the Beijing Wushu team. Valerie Lee is an acupuncturist and teaches traditional styles. (San Francisco, CA)
Way of the Dragon
Wu Wenjing, teaching internal styles. (East Providence, Rhode Island)
World Martial Arts Academy
Li Jinheng, from the original Beijing wushu team (Phoenix AZ). WMA Supply sells tgl books' Beijing Wushu Team Training Video Series.
Wushu West
Hao Zhihua, from the original Beijing wushu team. (Berkeley CA)
Wu Wei Taichi
A site about the Small Frame Chen Style of Chen Peishan. (Princeton, NJ)
Xin Qi Shen Dojo
Andrew Dale. (Seattle, WA)
a site for the Small Frame Chen style, run by Yan Gaofei.
Yizong bagua
A site dedicated to Liu Dexiu's bagua, run by George Woods.
Yang Family Taichi
Club and headquarters of Yang family taichi association. Run by Yang Jun, grandson of Yang Zhenduo. (Seattle WA)
Yin Cheng Gong Fa
Zhang Yun teaches taiji, bagua, xingyi and tongbei. (Pittsburgh PA)
Yin style Baguazhang
Cubs in Mexico and South America
Kai Men Association
In Spanish. (Argentina)
Wushu Long Hu Quan
A wushu club with branch clubs. The site is by José Luis Arnedo. He is putting up Spanish translation of my wushu program. In Spanish and English. (Argentina)
Wushu Mexico
Estudio Integral de Artes Marciales Chinas is the club. In Spanish. (Mexico)
Wushu Planet
An umbrella site for many links. (Argentina)

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