Wushu clubs in South and Asian Pacific

Chen taichi .org
Classes in Chen for health and/or performance, and in 'defense against falling' for older people. Main club in Auckland. (New Zealand)
Chen Taijiquan Association
In Japanese. (Japan)
Chen Xiaowang World Taijiquan Association
Seminars worldwide, based in Australia.
International Society of Chen Taijiquan
Organization for the small frame Chen style of Chen Peishang. In English, Japanese, German, and Spanish. (Japan)
Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation
In Japanese, but has lots of pics of wushu and taiji. (Japan)
Martial Arts Master
Site for "Singapore martial arts enthusiasts", organizes seminars. (Singapore)
Monash Wushu
Where Tang Laiwei, from the old Beijing Wushu Team, teaches in Melbourne. (Australia)
Singapore Wushu
Taiji and wushu. A large club with instructors who specialize. (Singapore)
Taichi Association of Australia
Lists Taiji clubs throughout the country. (Australia)
Taichi Australia
Club in the Victoria/Tasmania area. Run by Han Jinsong, my old classmate from the Beijing Sports University. (Australia)
Taichi Society
Kellen Chia runs tai chi & qigong classes for beginners in many suburbs in Sydney. (Australia)
Taichi Wushu Institute Australia
Shao Zhaoming's site is using my photos of Zhang Tong, which pleases me no end. Shao Zhaoming's fanzi quan QuickTime movie is worth a look, too. The club is based in Melbourne. (Australia).
Yizong Bagua Men
Luo Dexiu. In Chinese. (Taiwan)
Ziran Men Kungfu Academy
Club in various towns in Australia. One of my old classmates from Beijing, Liu Deming, is the main instructor. He was very skilled even back in the eighties, and looks amazing now. He teaches Liu He Zi Ran style from a traditional lineage, and also teaches other styles. (Australia)

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