Wushu clubs in Canada

Organized by region, west to east, then alphabetical within each region.

  • Clubs in British Columbia
  • Chinese Kungfu Ocean
    Run by Wilson Wu Shilong from Guangzhou, teaches Shang style xingyi, hung gar, Cheng style bagua, taiji and mantis in Richmond.
  • East West Baguazhang
    In Vancouver, run by Chaco Chiswell and Steven Petersson.
  • Fists of Mystery and Truth
    John Spak's club. He teaches baguazhang and zhaquan in Vancouver and Surrey.
  • Fu Style Bagua
    In Queen Elizabeth park. Victor Fu Shenlong is a third generation Fu style teacher.
  • Michael Blackburn
    Teaches taijiquan in Vancouver at the Dunbar community centre.
  • Mike Juzenas
    Mike hosts hosts a taiji/bagua/xingyi applications group that meets Tuesday evenings in Vancouver.
  • Konghan Kungfu
    Daniel Kun teaches wu zu quan (five ancestor's fist). This is the official kung fu style of Quanzhou South Shaolin. He trains in a church hall at 315 Walker St., Coquitlam.
  • LiRong wushu and qigong academy
    A club with a number of coaches specializing in their own disciplines, in Vancouver.
  • Liang Shouyu
    Club that teaches wushu and many internal styles at 220 Jackson St. in Vancouver, and other places in Vancouver.
  • Sam Masich
    The Masich Neijia Studio in Kits is at 3357 Rear West 4th Ave.
  • Gordon Muir
    Gord Muir teaches Joseph Chen's practical Chen style taijiquan in Victoria, at 917 Mason St.
  • Nanaimo Kungfu
    Landon Moes teaches xingi, qigong and Splashing hands. He is a long time student of James McNeil. If the website doesn't work, tyr calling Landon at (250) 616-6300.
  • Jan Parker
    Jan teaches Yang style taijiquan and qigong in Vancouver and on Bowen Island.
  • Seven Stars Tai Chi
    A Cheng Man Ch'ing Yang style taiji club based in Victoria and Saltspring Island. (the url I had doesn't work, please let me know if you have a link)
  • Shaolin Temple Academy
    Located in Vancouver, BC. Taught by Shaolin Temple warrior monk Master Yuan.
  • Fred Whiting
    Fred teaches wushu in Richmond. Fred was on the national team in the 80s and is one of our main judges nowadays.
  • Kit Wong
    Kit Wong teaches taiji at the Esquimalt Naval base in Victoria
  • West Coast Chinese Martial Arts
    Bruce Fontaine's club in Vancouver. Bruce is a long time wushu player, on the national team and all that, who spent a lot of years in the Hong Kong film business. He teaches competition wushu and stunt wushu at his club. New club address: 7900 River Road, Richmond.
  • Yun Hua Kungfu Academy
    Run by Bill Jia Jun Hui from Taiwan, teaches baji, bagua, taiji and tantui, in Vancouver.
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  • Clubs in the Yukon
  • Taichi Yukon
    In Whitehorse.
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  • Clubs in Alberta
  • Alberta Kungfu
    A nonprofit organization for myjong lawhorn at the University of Calgary. (this url no longer works, if you know a new url please report)Calgary Jing Wo Martial Arts Association is at 413 38th Ave NE. The phone number there is 250-3827. Alex Kwok teaches myjong law horn.
  • Alberta Wushu
    The wushu site for Ji Hong Tai Chi club.
  • Dragon's Den
    Bagua in Calgary.
  • Honan Shaolin Lohan Men
    Rick Zak's club in Calgary, 5939 6th Street NW.
  • Hunyuan Taiji Academy
    Joseph Chen Zhonghua's organization based in Edmonton, and he has branches in Abbotsford, Regina, Winnipeg, and Ottawa as well as in the States. Joseph Chen, from Shandong, teaches Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Hong Junsheng.
  • Ji Hong Tai Chi
    The main club is in Edmonton, with branches in Calgary and Toronto. They do wushu as well as taiji, and have huge competition success. Luo Yuanhong and Jennifer Gu are graduates of the Guangzhou University of Physical Education.
  • Jing Wo Martial Arts and Athletics Association of Canada
    In Alberta, Desmond Lee is the head coach, and teaches in Calgary.
  • Ma Gui Bagua Medicine Hat
    Holds seminars twice a year with Andrea Falk. Run by Robert Ballantyne. Website run by Nathen Marschell.
  • My Jong Law Horn
    Website is run by Greg Louie in Calgary. There are classes at Varsity Community Centre and the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre. There are lots of links here to myjong teachers and clubs. (this url no longer works, if you know a new url please report) Greg's email is mizong.kf@gmail.com
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  • Clubs in Saskatchewan
  • Jiulong Baguazhang, Saskatoon
    Club in Saskatoon.
  • Meihuazhuang
    Meihuazhuang is a club in Regina.
  • Progressive Wushu
    Shane Kachur's club in Regina.
  • Sask Wushu
    Haven Sato's club in Saskatoon.
  • Wushu Guan
    Ronnie Yee's club, at 2506 Dewdney Ave, Regina. (no website)
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  • Clubs in Manitoba
  • Ching Wu Athletic Association
    David Cliffe has taught kungfu and wushu in Winnipeg as long as I can remember. He teaches a variety of traditional styles, but mostly Shaolin, and lion dance. 213 Pacific Ave.
  • Ranie Laoag
    Ranie teaches wushu class on Thursdays at 6:30 PM at the Chinese Cultural and Community Centre in Winnipeg. They mostly work on longfist, staff, and straight sword, but some do southern fist, and southern sabre.
  • Lincoln Lau
    Lincoln teaches Xu Gongwei's (small frame) Yang style taiji and qigong in community centres in Brandon. Lincoln is a massage therapist, and can be reached at 204-725-2080 for class information or appointment for a massage.
  • Plum Blossom Choy Li Fut
    Plum Blossom Choy Li Fut and Yang style Tai Chi School. Southern Sil Lum and Choy Li Fut in Winnipeg, since 1981. Under the direction of Doc Fai Wong
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  • Clubs in Ontario
  • Marc Bégin
    Marc teaches Liang style Ba Gua Zhang at his house in the suburbs of Toronto.
  • Canada Taoist Kungfu School
    Master Gao teaches traditional kungfu and Chen taiji in Toronto, Kitchener, and Missasauga.
  • Canadian Martial Arts Centre
    Run by Rick Sue, a former national team member and coach. In Burlington
  • The Canadian Wing Chun Foundation
    The main club is based in Toronto.
  • Chen Style Taijiquan Institute of Canada
    Run by Li Lairen, teaches Chenjiagou style. 596 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, ON. There is also a branch in Brampton, ON
  • The Christian Wushu Fellowship
    In Toronto. Nelson Chan is the main coach.
  • Cold Mountain Taiji
    In Kitchner, run by Steve Higgins.
  • East Mountain
    East Mountain is the website for James Saper's acupuncture clinic, with a lot of information online. James also teaches qigong and taiji, and organizes my southern Ontario study group for bagua and xingyi in Guelph ON. Go to his Stone Lantern website for information on qigong and bagua classes and practice sessions.
  • Emerge Internal Arts
    Run by Andy James, teaches internal Chinese martial arts in Toronto and Pickering.
  • Golden Harmony Kung Fu Club
    Rupert Harvey teaches Taichi Praying Mantis Kung Fu of the Chiu Chuk Kai lineage from Hong Kong, Traditional Northern Shaolin, Chin-Na, Wuji Chi Kung, and Weaponry. Toronto.
  • Guelph Martial Arts Study Group
    Study group of James Coons. Westminster St. Pauls church on 206 Victoria RD N, Sunday evening from 7-9 PM.
  • Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre
    At Rice Lake (Hwy 45, 10 mins. north of Cobourg) holds retreats and also rents out its residential space to others. They run retreats on Qigong, Taijiquan & Meditation. Brand new building with 700 sq. ft activity room,50 acres on Rice Lake. (this url no longer works, if you know a new url please report)
  • Hongluck
    A choylayfut club run by Paul Chan in Toronto. (this url no longer works, if you know a new url please report)
  • Ji Feng Martial Arts Club
    In Toronto, teaches mainly baji, pigua, liuhetanglang and bagua. Guo Xiaopo teaches Yin Fu lineage of baguazhang at the Taipei Cultural Centre in Scarborough.
  • Jiulong Baguazhang Association
    Main Canadian club is in Toronto.
  • Jiulong Baguazhang Ass. Ottawa
    Run by Sandy Troster.
  • The Kungfu Exchange
    Run by Eric Yao in Mississauga.
  • Mall Rats Taiji Group
    In Oakville. Sunday mornings, 10 a.m. until about noon in Hopedale Mall, northeast corner of Rebecca and Third Line, south of the QEW. "Centre Court is where we usually are, unless pre-empted by Santa's Village, Easter Bunny grotto, etc., in which case you can find us generally in the east end of the mall, near Zeller's. We are the group that are outdoors at Lakeside Park, foot of Kerr St., on Lake Ontario the other half of the year. Who: A group of folks who gather every week to maintain and improve our practice.
  • Michael Babin
    Yang taiji and baguazhang.
  • Nameless School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
    Haim Behar teaches traditional Yang style in Cobourg. Call him for traditional Chinese medical treatment as well, he is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Ottawa Chinese Martial Arts Association
    Kim Lee teaches a variety of styles.
  • Peng You Martial Arts Association
    In Thunder Bay.
  • Peterborough Tai Chi Association
    In Peterborough. I don't have the website.
  • Power of Balance
    Power of Balance Tai Chi and Meditation Centre. New studio is located at 745 Danforth Avenue, Suite B3, Toronto.
  • The Rising Sun School of T'ai Chi Chuan
    Run by Paul E. McCaughey and Jan Ohm, teaches traditional Yang style taiji in Toronto. They teach the system of Lee Shui Pak.
  • Soma Traditional Medicine Clinic
    In Toronto. Jesse Lown has studyied in China and teaches HunYuan TaiJi Quan & HunYuan QiGong. 770 Lawrence St W, Phone: 416-789-2337. Wednesday evenings 7-8:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings 10-11:30 a.m.
  • Stone Lantern Internal Arts
    James Saper teaches qigong and taiji, and organizes my southern Ontario study group for bagua and xingyi in Guelph.
  • Sunny Tang Wushu
    A high performance wushu club in Toronto, with branches in other cities. The head coach is Alan Tang, many time Canadian champion. Sunny Tang teaches Wing Chun.
  • Tai Chi and Tea
    Jack Yan's club for Chen Zhenglei's Chen family taijiquan. 165 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 26-27, in Richmond Hill.
  • Tai Shan Club
    August Xu teaches wushu and sanda. 165 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 26-27, in Richmond Hill.
  • Temple Knights
    In Muskoka.
  • Toronto Pushhands Play Site
    Has the dates of the play days plus information on taiji clubs in Toronto. Run by Colin Outram.
  • Wayland Li Wushu Centre
    A high performance wushu club with great competition results, in Toronto.
  • Bill Whit
    Bill teaches Shaolin Temple Praying Mantis Tai Chi in Millbrook. The class meets every Saturday at the Millbrook Old School/Library, Dufferin Street.
  • Wushu International College of Canada
    Run by Rick Sue, in Hamilton. This site has a community forum
  • Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy
    In Toronto - Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, 5th Generation Wu Family and Chair of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation.
  • Yellow River Taiji Quan School
    In Brantford.
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  • clubs in Quebec
  • Académie d'arts Martiaux
    Run by Frederic Metivier. They do mostly external styles, and travel to the Shaolin temple for training as well. New address 3344 chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec City.
  • Académie Songshan ChanWu Canada
    Max Rendinella's club in Montréal. 5920 Av. Papineau. They bring masters from the Shaolin temple fairly regularly for seminars.
  • Académie d'arts martiaux St-Nicolas
    New, second club run by Frederic Metivier. 845 Marie Victorin St-Nicolas, Lévis.
  • Académie Shaolin Luohan Kungfu du Québec
    Run by Mario Hetu. They teach traditionnal Shaolin, Luohan, Qi Gong and Yang Tai Ji. In Laval (Montreal) since 1996.
  • Académie Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu
    Run by Lorne Bernard in Montreal.
  • Arts Martiaux Neworld Fitness
    Teaches both traditional and modern wushu in Gatineau. Michel Fleury is the head instructor. Has two more websites, one for traditional and one for modern. 845 Boul. de la Carriere.
  • Bagua Montreal
    Simon T. Belanger's Cheng style baguazhang club in Montreal, teaching in Molson park.
  • Montreal Wushu Institute
    Luu Vi Hung teaches wushu in Montreal. He was the closest student of Niu Huailu when he was here in the 80s, has trained also with other people since, has been on the national team, and gained coaching accreditation in China.
  • Northern Shaolin Montreal
    One of the few schools to teach chaquan. Julien Valiquette teaches Chaquan, among other northern styles. He learned chaquan from Xu Gongwei. In Montreal.
  • Quebec Wushu
    Yannick Benoit runs the club in Drummondville, 140 rue Dorion, J2C 1T7. Renald Daure runs the club in Montreal - 5445 de Gaspe, room 202. The phone number there is 514 973-6848. Virginie Bertrand runs the club in Brossard. Yannick also teaches the Hung's practical Taijiquan system.
  • Ong Martial Arts Institute
    Ong Ming Thong teaches traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese health methods in Montreal. He is a disciple of Masters P'ng Chye Khim and Li Gong Cheng, and teaches Southern Shaolin, Yang Style Taiji quan, Xingyi quan, Bagua zhang and Qigong.
  • Sino-Wushu Academy
    In Montreal, run by Leon Xu (Xu Li, from Harbin). They do modern wushu, Chen taiji, mulan, and some traditional styles such as baji and lion dance. Telephone 514-762-5038.
  • Taichi club
    Run by Grace Chui in Montreal.
  • the wushu centre
    That's this site. Andrea Falk's club, since 1984. Now in Quebec city, Saturdays at 880 Père Marquette, and weekdays in Bois du Coulonge.
  • Michel Tremblay
    Michel teaches Yang family taijiquan in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec. His is the oldest karate club in Quebec, as well.
  • Wudang Internal
    The club of Yang Hai, who does mainly Cheng taiji, Cheng style bagua, and xingyi in Montreal.
  • Xing Long Gong Fu Club
    In Montreal. They teach Hebei Style Xing Yi Quan, Gao Yi Sheng style Ba Gua Zhang, Liang Zhen Pu style Ba Gua Zhang, Liuhebafa, and Wudang style Tai Chi . The instructors are Ethan Murchie and Albert Joern.
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  • Clubs in New Brunswick
  • Northumberland / Miramichi Tai Chi and Aikido
    Northumberland / Miramichi Tai Chi and Aikido Club is in Miramichi West
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  • Clubs in Nova Scotia
  • Dal Wushu
    The wushu club at Dalhousie.
  • Halifax Wushu /Beijing Chuojiao Fanzi Halifax Branch
    Club of mostly chuojiao fanzi, with some modern wushu. Run by Josh Arnold since Andrew Gordon joined the police. Warm weather training at Point Pleasant Park entrance 7:15 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9:15 am Sundays. Bring your swords whenever the weather is decent. Cold weather training Tuesdays and Thursdays indoors.
  • Halifax Wushu / Canada East Wushu
    In Halifax, was run by Andrew Gordon now by Josh Arnold. Andrew trained extensively in Beijing, and does modern wushu and traditional chuojiao. Josh has trained in Beijing and is carrying on the teaching. There is also a club at Dalhousie University.
  • Yaosun Tong
    Teaches wushu and taiji in Halifax.
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  • Clubs in Newfoundland
  • Stone Lion Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association
    In the St-John's area. Jean-Philippe Ranger will be teaching Hong Junsheng's Practical Chen Taijiquan, Feng Zhiqiang's Hunyuan Taiji and Gu Ruzhang's Beishaolin (branch school of the National Capital Wushu Research Centre and Hunyuan Taiji Academy).
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