Wushu animation, film clips, and fan sites

Links to fun or silly sites and clips concerning wushu - animation, short clips, and fan site for wushu stars.

  • Capitaine Kungfu
    The kids from Têtes à Claques and their take on kungfu class.
  • Capitaine Kungfu 2
  • Enerchi
    A little cartoon to help get your priorities right.
  • Fight For Kisses
    A brilliant animated Wilkinson razor ad.
  • Matazone
    Twisted animation from the UK. Of special interest to martial artists is Samuri Lapin - proof that there is more to stuffed bunnies than you might think.
  • Ninjai
    Animated adventures of a ninja persuasion.
  • Tai Chi Masters
    A film clip that I still find funny.
  • Xiaoxiao
    Brilliant fighting stickman. Really good animation, along the lines of 'less is better'.
  • Xiaoxiao does Heineken ads.
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  • Fan Sites
  • Donnie Yen
    Cool photos of Donnie looking sexy, but for those uninterested in that, there are some interesting writings on his approach to martial arts movies.
  • Jet Li
    A magazine article about Jet Li.
  • Jet Li
    Official fan site.
  • Wu Jing
    A fan site with forums and articles.

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