about China

A far from comprehensive list of sites about China in general, news about china,, living or visiting in China, Chinese society and culture, and Chinese language studies.

  • Asian Studies Virtual Library
    Books, articles, access to class information.
  • The Beijinger (That's Beijing)
    This site will keep you up on what's happening in the big city in terms of entertainment, has classifieds for accommodations and jobs, plus it is a lot of fun. There is also a blog http://www.thatsbj.com/blog/
  • Beijing Olympics
    The official site for the Beijing Olympics, 2008. It's done, but you can take another look.
  • Beijing Scene
    A site for people living there, and is both fun and informative.
  • Beijing Spring
    A disident organization which posts news on China that you can't get in China. There are English pages.
  • Beijing Weekend
    China Daily's local news.
  • China Daily
    Online version of long running English language newspaper, giving the official line.
  • China Scape
    Lots of links.
  • China Scene
    Current, lots of links, lots of categories.
  • China Tour
    General information to help travelers plan.
  • Far Eastern Economic Review
    Long running magazine with in depth articles on the whole Asian region.
  • Inside China Today
    Up to date news.
  • Just Shanghai
    Not just about Shanghai, but is a resource directory for China.
  • The Mob
    A mountain bike club that has organized vans to get out of Beijing on the weekends, riding with maps in the northern countryside. You need a helmet and a good bike, and they have rides for less skilled mountain bikers as well.
  • People's Daily Online
    Find out what the powers that be in China want you to know.
  • Surf China
    If you can't find what you want, this site lists search engines.
  • Tokyo Gallery
    An art gallery in Beijing.
  • weather reports
    Weather in China.
  • _________________________
  • Online Language Instruction and Services
  • MDGB Online Chinese dictionary
    Really excellent, I use it when I'm away from my dictionaries.
  • Chinese-English dictionary
    Online dictionary.
  • Chinese Pod
    Great language instruction from beginner to advanced. A lot of instruction is available for free, and if you pay you get flash cards and stuff.
  • First Step World
    Certified language immersion programs around the world, including China.
  • Mandarin Tools
    Not only has a dictionary, but also language learning help like flashcards and goofy things like getting a Chinese name. They admit that this is NOT how to get a Chinese name, so they are all right.
  • Peiking Academy of Colloquial Chinese
    A fun site for those key words and phrases not in a dictionary.

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