Li Baohua

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I started training with Li Baohua in 2001. He does a rare style of baguazhang, taught by Ma Gui to Liu Wanchuan, who passed it on to Yu Zhiming and others. Li has dedicated himself to the martial arts since he was a child, and to the Ma Gui system since about 1989. He taught very quietly at his home in Beijing from 2001 to 2005, when he started teaching seminars in Japan. He moved there in 2009 and started teaching the system widely. There is an interview with Li Baohua (in English)

I found that training the Ma Gui system completely transformed my body. Since 2004 I trained this system almost exclusively for eight years. If not for this circle-walking I would probably have cut back on my training or even stopped due to a build up of injuries. Now I am stronger than ever before. I have a website dedicated to the system and I have written training notes to help students (no longer available).

Li's website is the Ma Gui Baguazhang Promotion Centre at, and it has Chinese, Japanese, and English pages. For details on Li Baohua, please go to this page on the centre's website. Li Baohua started teaching abroad in 2012. Please see his website and facebook for the dates, as he is better able to keep up to date on his activities. Li is on Facebook. Do a search for Ma Gui Bagua Promotion Centre if this link doesn't work properly.

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