Guelph, Ontario.

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coach James Saper

coach James

James teaches in Guelph.

seminar Guelph Jan2020

Seminar January 2020.

In Guelph (Ontario) hosted by Stone Lantern Internal Arts. The coach at Stone Lantern is James Saper.

Seminars are no longer going to be held in Guelph. Thanks to all the covid restrictions, James had to close his kungfu club. We had a good, long run – twice a year, every year, from 2004 to 2020. I hope people keep training what I taught there, and I will miss the regular visits with the southern Ontario people.

You can continue to learn from James in the parks in Guelph. contact James Saper:

Contact James Saper, or his website.

seminar Guelph June2018

Bagua, xingyi, and bagua sabre seminars, June 2018

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