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Chen Zhenglei's website in English, with the book and video sales and seminar schedule.

Chen Zhenglei's website in Chinese.

There is another site as well, for Chen style taijiquan.

Chen Style has a lot of information on Chen Zhenglei scattered throughout the site. Cruise around or go straight to this interview with Chen Zhenglei.

Article about Chen Zhenglei.

Article about Chen Zhenglei.

Interview with Chen Zhenglei on mistakes to avoid.

Interview with Chen Zhenglei in the Tai Chi Union magazine (Glasgow, Great Britain).

Interview with Chen Zhenglei in the Chen style Journal.

Chen Zhenglei in Washington DC

My photos of Chen Zhenglei at Flickr 

Here are links that I have found to supply information on Chen Zhenglei. He is absolutely solid yet agile with an ease of movement that is wonderful to watch. He teaches attentively with little ego, and enjoys playing and teaching Taiji. He is a gentle man with a charm that sneaks up on you. He is passionate about Chen style Taijiquan with an infectious enthusiasm.

Here is an article with an interview of Chen Zhengleil: "Handing Down the Family Treasure of Chen Taijiquan" by Martha Burr.

I don't do Chen Zhenglei's style. I have a responsibility to my sifu and I love my style. My partner Gilbert is a disciple of Chen Zhenglei, and is dedicated to his style.

Chen Zhenglei's DVDs are top quality performance and teaching materials. There is a new series of DVDs available, made by the wushu association in Beijing. It is 40 DVDs with English subtitles. Some of the content is the same as the previous series, but re-filmed, and there is some additional content. There is also a 20 DVD series of theory that is not out yet.

Clubs where Chen Zhenglei teaches:

Chinese Wushu and Tai-chi Academy, run by Hong Yijiao (Seattle WA).

A club in Australia.

British Chen Style Tai Chi College in Manchester, England.

Tai Chi Centre, run by Yue Liming (Manchester, England)

Tai Chi and Tea  in Richmond Hill, Ontario, taught by Jack Yan. Jack Yan is translating all of Chen Zhenglei's books. They are available through White Bench publications.

Chen style Tai Chi Centre, Yue Liming is also bringing out books in English, and new videos by Chen Zhenglei in English. He sells a DVD called "The Definitive Chen Style Tai Chi Demonstrations", a book with the old frame first form, sword and broadsword, and a book redoing the Taijiquan for Health book. You can download the introductory pages as pdf from his site, and there is also a cool set of complete photo gallery of the old frame #1 routine, photo gallery of the old frame #2 Cannon fist routine, and a gallery of all the pages of the book.

Books available in English

"Chen style Taijiquan (old frame first form) Sword and Broadsword", 368 pages, 2003. ISBN 7-5348-2321-8. Excellent translation of theory, history, basics, the first form (including movements, requirements, internal energy, self-defense applications) by Zhang Xinhu and Greg Bissell. This is one of the best translations I have ever seen in Chinese martial arts, quite outstanding. Chinese terms in pinyin often given along with the translation. Idiosyncratic translation of sabre and sword forms by Xu Hailiang, very disappointing considering the excellence of the rest of the book. Excellent photographs throughout. If you see a copy of the first form done with cerlox binding, it is a bootleg. Please get the proper book published in China and authorised by Chen Zhenglei.

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In Seattle with Hong Yijiao.

czl cp

In Washington with C.P. Ong.

IMG 9051

Gilbert Ethier became a disciple in May 2012. Gilbert teaches at the wushu centre in Quebec city.

G discipleceremony 4857
G discipleceremony 4859

Judging from their reactions, this is possibly the biggest fruit basket and bouquet of flowers they've been given at a disciple ceremony.

"Chen's Taichi Old For Health & Wellness" White Bench Publications, Toronto. Translator and Editor in chief, Jack Yan. 94 pages, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9866756-1-4. Excellent translation.

"Chen's Taichi Old Frame One & Two" White Bench Publications, Toronto. Translator and Editor in chief, Jack Yan. 396 pages, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9866756-2-1. Excellent translation.

"Chen's Taichi New Frame One & Two" White Bench Publications, Toronto. Translator and Editor in chief, Jack Yan. 310 pages, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9866756-3-8. Excellent translation.

"Chen's Taichi Sword, Saber & Baton" White Bench Publications, Toronto. Translator and Editor in chief, Jack Yan. publication tba.

"Chen's Taichi Spear, Long Pole, Halberd & Push Hands" White Bench Publications, Toronto. Translator and Editor in chief, Jack Yan. publication tba.

Chen Zhenglei's Workshop Schedule:

Check these venues, he is travelling less these day.

 New York, NYUSA:  Contact:

 Albany, NYUSA:  Contact:

 Montreal, PQ Canada:  Contact:

Toronto, ON:  Contact:

For information about more seminar schedules, see the contacts below: 


1. Grenoble FRANCE. Contact: David Florentin 大卫. Tel: 33 954 918 427, 33 607 334 655. Email: Website: 

2. Toulouse FRANCE. Contact: OU YANG 欧阳. Tel: 0033 565 355325, 0033 565 300355. Email: 

3. Contact: Jean Noël Poucet Ràng Nuo ài. Tel: 33(0)980550417. Email: Website:

GERMANY: Contact: Chen Shande 陈善德. Tel: 491 787 140406. Email:


1. Contact: Haijun Wang 王海军. Tel: 016 14488270. Email:

2. Contact: Liming Yue 岳黎明. Tel: 4401612737138. Email:


1. Toronto CANADA. Contact: Jack Yan 严志钢. Tel: 647-293-1648. Email:

2. Montreal CANADA. Contact: Leon Xu 徐利. Tel: 514-966-9878. Email:

3.Thunder Bay ON CANADA. Contact: Peng Youlian 彭友连. Tel: 807-628-4305. Email:

4. Vancouver BC CANADA. Contact: Paul Tam谭振江. Tel: 778-889-8711. Email:


1. Boston MA USA. Contact: Brian Muccio. Tel: 617-290-4512. Email:

2. Eugene OR USA. Contact: David Leung. Tel: 541-579-3612. Email:

3. Seattle WA USA. Contact: Hong Yijiao 洪一姣. Tel: 206-749-9513. Email:

4. Maryland, USA. Contact: C.P. Ong. Tel: 240-447-8134. Email: Contact: Billy Greer. Tel: 410-431-5200. Email:

5. Albany NY USA. Contact: John Carrier. Tel: 518-489-1458. Email:

6. Kansas City USA. Contact: Chen Huixian 陈会贤. Tel: 913-579-7444. Email: Website:

7. Atlanta GA USA. Contact: Jimmy Dong 董其民. Tel: 864-640-2145. Email: Contact: David Dunn. Tel: 404-843-3276. Email:

8. San Antonio USA. Contact: Xie Ming解鸣. Tel: 210-526-1688. Email:


Zheng Zhou and Chenjiagou Events in HENAN CHINA. 

MEXICO: Contact: Juan 胡安 巴斯. Tel: 511-440-0021, 51-99723-7332. Email:

PERU: Contact: Juan 胡安 巴斯. Tel: 511-440-0021, 51-99723-7332. Email:

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Chen Zhenglei came back to the Tai Shan club in Richmond Hill (the taijiquan group is now called Tai Chi and Tea), Ontario in September and October 2009. He was in good form and good humour. The two weekends were well attended, and once again Jack Yan did an great organizational and interpretation job. Some of the wushu centre guys were there. That is Gilbert in the blue shirt.






Chen Zhenglei came to the Tai Shan club in Richmond Hill, Ontario in November, 2008. There was a huge IMG_9027crowd there, almost too many for the club. Fortunately, it is in a small empty mall, so there was lots of space to work with. A small gang from the wushu centre took part in the seminar: Yves Delongchamps, Haim Behar, James Saper, Gilbert Ethier, and Gisèle Cormier.


June 2014, Chen Zhenglei held a special four day session for disciples and instructors, with himself and guest instructors Chen Bin, Chen , Wang Haijun, and Jack Yan. Gilbert and I went as a team, as usual. He came again in June 2015 for another excellent four day session with the same instructors.

czl2015LasVegas 4092

The whole group is a fake pose, just for fun.

Comments from buyers of the DVDs

"This has to be the most complete video package that I have seen on Chen Tai Chi... Old Routine, New Routine, weapons... it is all there... and Chen Zhenglei is a very accomplished martial artist who performs these routines flawlessly. This is a must for any Taiji enthusiast. You sure have a knack for picking outstanding video packages." William Johnson

"I just started watching the Push-Hand DVD and am amazed at the amount and depth of knowledge contained within... There's "YEARS" of training in each DVD. Just blown away." "This series of DVD'S allows us an unique glimpse at a very high level of Chen training. Any serious Chen style practitioner should have the entire set in their collection." "Watched the rest of the Health Preserving Qi Gong, and am still blown away. It's a Record for all time of authentic Chen style tai chi chuan training. I've spent years trying to find material of this calibre. I think the availability of the material HAS to raise the level of tai chi chuan everywhere." Don

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