Zhang Wenguang’s Chaquan, Two

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Zhang Wenguang’s Chaquan, Two

Further Styles of Hua, Pao, Hong, and Tuiquan

The original book was written by Zhang Wenguang (1915-2010), head of the wushu department of the Beijing Physical Culture Institute while I was a student there (in the early 1980s). Researched and overseen by Zhang Wenguang, the performances for the drawings were done by the wushu department staff. All my teachers were involved, so it was fun for me to translate. It describes ten further routines from the other styles within the Chaquan system: Huaquan, Paoquan, Hongquan, and Tuiquan.

Soft cover book ISBN 978-1-989468-38-8. 6x9 inches, 340 pages.

Hard cover book ISBN 978-1-989468-41-8.

PDF edition ISBN 978-1-989468-39-5. 8.5x11 inches for home printers.

E-reader Edition ISBN 978-1-989468-40-1.

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