Li Tianji's The Skill of Xingyiquan

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Li Tianji’s The Skill of Xingyiquan

This is a 276 page, 6x9" book that includes over 560 line drawn figures. All movement names and many technique names are given in Chinese characters with pinyin. In the 20th Anniversary of tgl books edition, done in order to update the book's file, which was a disaster, the images have been fixed up a bit, and the text slightly altered, but not much.

The book has an opening chapter on theory, history, characteristics  and training requirements of Xingyiquan. The main chapters describe the techniques and forms in the Hebei style – five element techniques, twelve animal techniques, the traditional mixture of moves routine, a modern comprehensive routine, three partner routines, and stance training for health. In addition, almost every classic text on Xingyiquan is in the Appendices. The theory and classics are relevant to all styles of Xingyi, and the routines are similar across many styles, so it is an excellent reference book for any style of Xingyi. This book has been sited in a number of places as THE xingyi reference book.

Li Tianji (1913-1996) graduated from Shandong Wushu College in 1931, and was a professional wushu teacher his whole life. He was named one of the "Ten Greatest Wushu Masters of Reknown in China" in 1990. His nephew, Li Deyin, continues his work. This book is the completion of a book commenced by Li Tianji's father.

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Comments on Li Tianji's The Skill of Xingyiquan and Andrea's translation

"Li TianJi's book " Skill of Xing Yi Quan " is exceptional and I congratulate you on the translation. I had first seen a Chinese copy of the work from Li Deyin and was very happy to see an English translation of the work." Nick Scrima, Florida.

"Your translated [Li Tianji] book is excellently organized, the presentation and format is clear, detailed and very complete, thanks." Gary Wong, Ottawa

"Thank you so much for your very complete book Li Tianji's xingyiquan, I trained with Professor Li De Yin, who uses the same basics that are in your book, and I have found your translation invaluable in helping me to gain further knowledge in HsingYi." John Read, United Kingdom

"You've probably heard this before, but I'm going to say it anyways, the [Li tianji] book is excellent. Detailed and direct. Thank you again." Jose R. Albaine, Brazil.

"The [Li Tianji] book was wonderfully translated. Thank you very much!" Bud Gardner, Rochester, NY.

"I wanted to let you know the book, Li Tianji Skill of Xingyiquan, arrived safe and sound yesterday... really, the book is outstanding... You have done the English speaking martial arts community a great service by getting this out in English, especially in such a professional format." Brian Kennedy, Taiwan

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my book order and especially for your excellent translation of The Skill of Xingyiquan by Mr. Li Tianji. I am just in the midst of reading your translation, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your choice, your informed and careful English translation and your work as publisher." Sara Grimes, Beijing

"I am so glad you translated (Li Tianji's Skill of Xingyiquan). It is an excellent book and I think you did a great job translating it. Its on my top 5 martial arts books of all time. Thanks." Bryan Zarnett, Toronto, Canada

"Just few lines to express my congratulations for the excellent job you did in order to translate the Xingyiquan book of Li Yulin and Li Tianji. I also translated (into Italian) in the past 25 year quite a few articles and books for my better understanding of Neijia practice, and can confirm that is not such an easy job - especially from Chinese! So, I'm enjoying very much the book." Luigi Zanini, Italy

"I was very impressed with the completeness of Li Tianji's book in encompassing the whole of the system of xingyiquan. I had never before seen such a complete exposition of the art in a single volume. Furthermore I was impressed with the translation and the layout of your book. I particularly liked that the pinyin had the tone marks.... to have the tone marks is a real asset." Peter Gilligan, North Ireland

"I thought I would let you know that the (Li Tianji) book arrived on Friday. I haven't been able to put it down since. I read it once and am going back through it for the second time. It is the best xingyi book I have ever seen. The information is invaluable and even the binding is great. ... Please keep up the good work! " Carl Magnuson, Topeka, Kansas

"(Li Tianji is) an absolutely brilliant translation that continues to be extremely helpful to me. We need to encourage Andrea to keep up the good work." Keith Alker, London, England.

"Well what can I say... the (Li Tianji) book is awesome. It is the best Xingyi book I have yet to find." Edward Gomersall, United Kingdom.

"I must say that (Li Tianji) is an excellent work. I am reading page by page, delighted at your dedication in translating the old documents on Xingyiquan. Your book is a must for every Xingyiquan student in the world. I give it a 10 out of 10." Felipe Bido, Dominican Republic.

"I really like (the Jiang Rongqiao book). I recently got a copy of Crandall's translation but I like the layout of yours better as well as your informative footnotes. Great book and I look forward to receiving the other one." Alfred Westlake, Colorado.

"I very much enjoyed your translation of Li Tianji's book on Xingyi Quan, which is the flavour of XY taught by my teacher. Find myself referring constantly to the book!" Philip Lindskog, Sweden


Li Tianji and Andrea Falk, 1982.

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