Xingyi books and video

These are the books on xingyi that I’ve translated, and the Beijing Wushu Team xingyi video.

free PDF downloads of xingyi movement names in English, pinyin, and Chinese characters.

Recommended: Di Guoyong for the best teaching videos and books covering all the practical aspects of doing Hebei style xingyi. Li Tianji for the best overall book on Xingyi that includes considerable classic theory (it is worth it just for that).

The Li Tianji and Di Guoyong books are available as soft cover books, hard cover books, PDF Editions, and E-reader Editions. All PDF Editions have been formatted to 8.5 x 11 inches for home printers. All E-reader Editions are suitable for most electronic readers. I myself do not like the E-reader editions because they do not include the Chinese characters or tones on the pinyin, but people find them handy.

Di Guoyong’s Video Series Companion is available as a PDF file (DVDs not included).

The Beijing Team Video is available from me.

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