Yan Dehua's Bagua Applications

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Yan Dehua Bagua Applications book, Chinese-English edition.

Originally titled Shaolin Wall Destroying Insights

 176 pages include 160 of the best illustrations ever seen in martial arts books, this book is a must to any lover of expressive movement, never mind its value as a reference. I have kept the exact format of the original because this is a jewel of a classic. The applications are clearly described and illustrated step by step, and the gentleman in black pants always wins. The best word for this book is simply brilliant. The new edition includes the original Chinese descriptions. The translation has been fixed up a bit, but if you have an earlier version of the translation you do not need to get this new one unless you want to see the orginal Chinese.

Soft cover book ISBN 978-1-989468-03-6. 6x9 inches, 176 pages.

Hard cover book ISBN 978-1-989468-23-4

PDF Edition ISBN 978-1-989468-04-3. 8.5x11 inches.

E-reader Edition ISBN 978-1-989468-05-0

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Comments on Yan Dehua's Bagua Applications and Andrea's translation

"Having seen the sample method from the book you featured on the TGL website, I was initially intrigued by "Yan Dehua's Bagua Applications" book as a curio item. However, I have to say that after examining it I've rapidly come to appreciate the diverse martial tactics depicted in the master's book. They provide much food for thought and the "energy and flow" of the methods are graphically shown in the extraordinary illustrations accompanying the descriptions of the movements for the reader. Frankly, I can't recall ever seeing a method book with drawings that are as evocative of movement as these are. I also appreciated your translation of the text. It's really helpful to have the technique translation done by someone who is also an experienced martial artist. This is a little gem of a book." Neil Chang, Lynnwood, WA

"I just wanted to add my praise to all the accolades you have received for your excellent translation of Yan Dehua's text. You have performed a great service to Bagua practitioners such as myself who do not read Chinese. It is a far, far better rendering than the Lee Ying Arng version I have had since the 1970's." Russell Sauls, TN

"One thing I like very much also about [Yan Dehua's bagua applications] is that you put the original Chinese characters next to the Pinyin transliteration plus the diacritics for the tones. .... I have a dictionary, but it's a lot more convenient when the pronunciations are already given in the text ! ... you're more at home conveying the nuance of the original, e.g. "thread one's arm" etc. .. sounds much better than Crandall's series." Kohei Sawabe, Montreal

"I've enjoyed studying your translation of Yan Dehua's book on baguazhang applications. While I'm not sure about the effectiveness of the applications themselves, I found your translation to be very clear. It was particularly helpful to have the Mandarin words for some of the specialized terms, like "lifting energy" and "sink the chest". For effective learning and out of respect for these arts, I think serious students should learn some "martial Mandarin". I'm looking forward to seeing your translation of Li Tianji's 'The Skill of Xingyiquan'". Tom Campbell, Seattle

"This has got to be the cutest book of martial applications ever compiled.... this little book has many wonderful interpretations of bagua movement all beautifully illustrated. A very fun book" Alfred Westlake, Somatic Journeys Massage Therapy, Colorado.

"Thank you so much for making this great [Yan Dehua] book available!!! ... I didn't think anyone would finally endeavor to translate this awesome text into English. I feel very lucky to have chanced upon your website and to have found that you are offering this book." Dennis Mace, Seattle

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