MaGui BaGua Training Notes


My training notes are no longer available. It is only my own limited and dated understanding, and does not represent the system as it is now taught by Li Baohua.

For details, see my website, the training manual reproduces (with some extra details and print quality photos) the material on the website. Due to questions of copyright, however, the photos are only of me. In the website I prefer to have photos of others. The manual has detailed descriptions with photos of the essence and requirements of the MaGui bagua system. This manual is intended for those practising the system, but others might find it interesting. It is written by me, and reflects my understanding of the techniques up to 2012. It is descriptive, not philosophical. 

Part One: Circle-walking essence and eight models (November 2012 edition, 18 pages).

Part Two: Changes. Section Two: Changes: Dragon, single hook, and lion changes. (November 2012 edition, 48 pages).

Part Three: Training drills for the techniques (November 2012 edition, 40 pages). 

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