Liu Jingru video translation

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My translation includes Chinese characters of the movement names and a glossary of terms. It translates word for word exactly what professor Liu says in the 7 set VCD series put out by Guangzhou Beauty. The translation does not include the VCD set. Make sure you have this seven VCD set, not another one.

This is an authorised translation. I met with Liu Jingru and have permission to publish the translation. I went over my translation with Kong Cheng, one of his top students, so the translation is definitely correct. Liu Jingru received full advance royalties for the soft cover book print run. The PDF sales don’t make much, so are not worth the trouble.

Comments on Liu Jingru's videos and Andrea's translation.

"I wish to congratulate and thank you for the primo work you did for Liu's bagua companion. Wonderfully executed!" Rich Mooney, USA

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you for the Liu Jingru video companion book.  Oh my God what a great resource.  I have all of the VCDs and I knew his instruction was better than any other video series I have seen, and I was watching the silk-reeling and figuring out based on my background in Chen tai chi, but man, this book is so valuable." Ken Gullette, IL.

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