Bagua books

This is what I have written on baguazhang so far, one book, two translated books and two written translations of videos.

’A Shadow on Fallen Blossoms, Jiang Rongqiao and Yan Dehua are available as soft cover books, hard cover books, PDF Editions, and E-reader Editions. I would recommend the E-reader Edition for quick reference only, the formatting is nowhere near as nice as the soft cover books or PDF Editions, and there are no Chinese characters or tones on the pinyin. 

The Luo Jinhua and Liu Jingru video translations are available only as PDF Editions.

For the soft cover books, check with Plum Publications, which has good shipping rates.

The Ma Gui Ba Gua Training Manual that I wrote is no longer available, by request of my teacher in that system.

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