Coaching Wushu


A 98 page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch PDF book, full of photos, diagrams, tables, and tons of information on coaching and training wushu. I have not updated it with new research findings or the new wushu routines, but I have done some reorganization and rewriting. Chapters on coaching children, health issues, biomechanics, and training theory and practice (including the energy systems, flexibility, and strength).

This is a fixed up version of 'the white book'. Fifty copies of the original Coaching Wushu were printed in 1990, and since then it has only been available as a pdf that was missing all the photos, images, tables, and information from the appendices.  So many coaches and athletes told me that they used the book that I felt badly I had not done anything about it. I think this e-book is an improvement over the original.

The problem was the computer files were old, I think in McWrite, and I couldn't figure out how to open them. In addition, the original had actually been done by pasting the photos and tables on the page and then xeroxing. The original photos and tables were in a box somewhere, and the original papers that had been copied for the printing were in another box somewhere. And a lot of the information was in flagrant disregard of copyright law. I finally got everything together and did an intensive couple of weeks with scanning and rewriting. I couldn't find the originals of all the photos, so some of them are poor quality, but I like them so much I put them in anyway. (November 2009, I found a lot of the original photos and put them into the e-book)

 There may still be some copyright issues. If anyone is upset by something, please let me know and I will take out the offending material.

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