BJT05: Cudgel

Beijing Wushu Team Training Video Series: Cudgel

Featuring Wang Jianjun and Lu Yan

Whoosh! Bam! It's not so much how FAST they go, and they do go FAST, but how they can stop and look so good. VCD shows basic techniques and the forms in regular speed and slow motion, with English commentary.

All the Beijing Wushu Team VCDs are on a special sale, at CDN$11.00 each. Since everything is available for free on youtube now, I just want to clear out the stock that remains. Once they are gone, they are gone, I won’t make any more. I have run out of polyboxes, and instead of buying a huge box of them, will sell the rest of the videos in envelopes, and include the label in case you want to put them in your own boxes.

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