Welcome to the website of the wushu centre and tgl books. I (Andrea Falk) play traditional bagua, xingyi, Chen taiji, and Taiji changquan. I translate books about Bagua and Xingyi, and to keep the retro wushu side of my character happy, I brought back Anthony Chan’s Beijing Wushu Team Training Video Series. My formal education is in physical education, Chinese things, and wushu, so I have naturally put educational material online – a small, free, wushu dictionary and movement name lists,  and a list of available translated books on Chinese martial arts. My move into writing instead of just translating, though still largely a work of translation, is A Shadow on Fallen Blossoms: The 36 and 48 Traditional Verses of Baguazhang. And a bigger move into writing are Beijing Bittersweet: Foreign Exchage Student  in Wushu at the Beijing Physical Culture Institute during the 1980s, and Shadowboxing in Shanghai. More translation, with Zhang Wenguang’s Chaquan and Tantui Spring Kick Drills, and COMING SOON  Zhang Wenguang’s Chaquan Two, Further styles of Hua, Pao, Hong, and Tuiquan, and sooner or later, Zhang Wenguang’s Chaquan Three: Weapons.
The smaller  online dictionary and most photos are at thewushucentre.com. Of course, zen lapin is still traveling and meeting people, sometimes remembering to post on Facebook.
         The shopping cart payments for the Beijing Team vcds are through Paypal. If the shipping comes up as too expensive in the shopping cart, I will refund the excess after I have the exact amount when I mail the package. I have no more polyboxes for the videos, so will be shipping htem in evelopes, which will reduce the postage cost considerably. The books are shipped direct from the printer, and also from Plum Publications, so you should check with both for the shipping rates.  NEW My online printer has been changing a few things as it grew bigger (and supposedly better, though that didn’t happen). If you get a print book that you feel has thin pages or small margins (one cm or less from the edge), then let them know that you are not happy. I don’t know if they will replace the book, and if they do, if it will be different. Anything with see-through pages or tight margins is not the book that I approved. The proofs that I have, have 60# paper and a nice formatting. I am not to the point of changing printers, since I have so many books set up there, but this is an issue that they need to at least be aware of, and hopefully, address.


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last update April 12, 2024

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